GOIP’s EDGENETIC Cloud is a Cloud Management Platform (thereafter referred to as “CMP”). EDGENETIC Cloud is the first CMP in China Mainland that synchronized both China domestic and Worldwide clouds.

Our product is committed in providing the industry’s leading cloud management technology and professional services, working as a solution for enterprises to build and manage multi-cloud environments.

We specialize and innovate in providing cloud management solutions, trying our best to improve and increase the efficiency as well as the budget control for cloud management.

Worldwide Coverage

There are more than 800 nodes worldwide, and among them 100 of which is interconnected with the public clouds provider platform.

Quality Service

One stop global service with English-Chinese bilingual support team.

Efficient Interconnection

Global resources security and efficient interconnection of high quality network resources in the network.

Multi-Point Interconnection

Access to any node and you can connect to global resources in the network.

Your Problems

Taking too much time to compare and analyze expenses spent
Manual manpower operation and maintenance increases human resource cost
Cost Calculated Manually
Complicated multi-cloud management
Log on to several cloud accounts individually

and many others…

Our Cloud Management solves these problems

Observe, manage, automate and manage multi-clouds or servers.

Data obtain from cloud utilization of past, present and future, and effectively increase the cost and budget of cloud computing.

The template based system allows rapid development from a portal.

Automatic policy based governance and eliminate obstacles without sacrificing control functions.

Cloud Management

One platform managing multiple datacenter, private and public cloud,Achieve inter- cloud monitoring, management, automated operation and maintenance, so as to simplify management and improve efficiency.

Cloud Analytics

Effective analysis and management of cost and budget. The overall cost is reduced through billing, multi dimensional analysis of bills, resource and cost optimization.

Our Advantages

User Friendly

Save Cost & Time


Increase Productivity
& Effectiveness

Flexible & Diversified

Quickly adapt users to the cloud management operations with user friendly pages.

Building the ecological environment of enterprises’ cloud computing solutions.

Quick and simple deployment of application services through mirror image, templates etc.

Building an open platform that is easy to integrate third party components and integrated by third party components.

Cloud Management

A unified platform that manages multiple datacenters, private clouds and public clouds, achieving inter and multi-cloud monitoring, management, automated operations and maintenance, whereby simplifying management and improving efficiency.

Unified management of heterogeneous environment, automated deployment and maintenance, unified monitoring and integration

High Resource Integration

Price Comparison among Cloud Providers

Efficient & Quick Deployment

Good Safety Maintenance Measures

Role Based Access Control

BaFang Cloud  CMP restrict and control different users access and manage the cloud platform resources through this Role Based Access Control (RBAC).


Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Enables safety control and management of access to services and resources on the cloud platform. RBAC function allows creating and managing users and groups in cloud platform, as well as various permissions to allow or deny access to cloud platform resources.


RBAC can help create Roles and Permissions

Managing RBAC Roles & Permissions – You can create roles and set permissions in the CMP to control the roles and permissions allowed to them to operate and access the CMP. You can also determine which entity is responsible for the role.

Cloud Management Monitor

Multi-Cloud Price Comparison

Being a smart consumer, purchasing configuration you want at the lowest price. Effective budget management.

Cloud Analytics

Effective costs and budgets analysis and management through measurement of service used, billing, multi-dimensional analysis of bills, resource and cost optimization to reduce overall costs and expenses.

Manage and optimize the cost of multi-cloud environment with action taken and reduce expenditure.

Resource & Cost Optimization
Convenient Financial Management
Budget Analysis Alarm
Multi Dimensional Bills Analysis

Bafang Cloud CMP allows you to analyze and calculate the cost of cloud operation and maintenance on a monthly basis. The overview summary allows you to know the highest expenditure to achieve a more effective budget control.

Besides the complete annual and monthly cost analysis function, BaFang Cloud CMP also provides a detailed analysis function. This feature allows you to see and know the total cost and resources each clouds utilized among other clouds to help you to make effective cost decision.

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