Global Connectivity

Connecting you anywhere, at any time

CN Care caters and innovates on a wide range of global connectivity services to serve the market and economy better. In this current world of digitalization, many businesses had already been very dependent on connectivity and the internet to get access to global resources and clients. An effective solution is highly demanded in the market today from whichever size of the company. Moreover, commercial trades and operations today required reliable and stable connectivity solutions for their daily high upload and download activities. CN Care specialize and is experienced in Greater China and global network connectivity, having over 100 Nodes in Greater China and 100 Nodes worldwide, connecting you anywhere at anytime.

Our certified network consultant team provide complete study, analysis, design, planning, technology consulting and innovation for a broad portfolio global connectivity of solutions for Greater China and Worldwide, such as Direct Internet Access(DIA) in Greater China & APAC, SD- Wan, Local Area Network, Structural Cabling Solution, Metro Area Network for inter-office communication, Wide Area Network for inter countries Communication, high speed BGP IP in Hong Kong and China (Telecom/ Unicom), IPVPN/IEPL solution between Hong Kong, China and Oversea and more.

Direct Internet Access (DIA) Greater China & APAC| IP Transit

CN Care has a wide coverage domestic DIA service for customers requiring Internet connectivity in Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia region, granting them exclusive access to the global internet, with high-speed internet access with a committed rate and flexible internet access connected with multiple Tier-1 providers in Hong Kong , China and Asia region to suit for your business needs.

Systems and platforms such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply-Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are driving the need to connect various offices across China and Worldwide. Enterprises require high quality, high performance bandwidth solutions from a trusted and reliable ICT and Managed service provider to optimize their systems and SaaS platforms.

Our IP Transit/Premium Internet service is delivered by using managed customer network terminating equipment, which includes an appropriate Cisco / MikroTik router or Hillstone Firewall at your premises. Alternatively it can be supplied as a wires only service without router if required. Backed with dedicated connections to our China and global Internet backbone networks, it supports all your mission-critical communications and connectivity.


  • Service offered in all major cities in China and Worldwide, network backbone links procured from different service providers to provide carrier level redundant
  • Flexible access interfaces: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Guaranteed bandwidth to meet heavy data demands
  • Static IP allocation
  • Online real-time performance reporting
  • On-site customer training, local field engineering and sales office support, and Multilingual (English, Mandarin, Cantonese) NOC
  • Backup and redundancy options
  • Authoritative domain name service
  • Optional managed router service, Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) in China and Asia Region
  • High quality Internet service within China and access to the world
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Service availability of 99.9% uptime


CN Care’s MPLS network is referred to as a Worldwide-based service. We offer a cross-country solution for our clients. The service creates a Virtual Private Network connecting all of the company’s offices, which provides a high quality multimedia solution (data, image and voice) easily adaptable to your growing needs.

CN Care builds virtual private networks for enterprise users, and provides “predictable” network quality, whilst meeting the requirements of safe, fast and reliable communication between enterprise headquarters and branches distributed in different regions.

The improved QoS technology accelerates and optimizes key application systems, and ensures the priority transmission of key data, voice, video and other high priority activities.

Private Circuits MPLS Circuits
Dedicated Physical Circuits Dedicated Virtual Circuits
Network re-dimension needed with additional nodes & lease circuits “Any-to-any” meshed connection

No need to re-dimension VPN with additional nodes

Lower Scalability Higher Scalability
Higher wide-area networking cost Lower wide-area networking cost
Longer service deployment lead time for physical circuits Shorter service deployment lead time, local connection to the nearest POP site

Cross-country Metro IP-VPN

Our group operates IP-VPN infrastructure across many locations & Mainland China. Our managed network service is based on Internet protocol (IP) and provides flexible, scalable and cost-effective network solutions.

Value-added Service

IPSec remote access for IP-VPN & SSL remote access for IP-VPN.


CN Care provides Ethernet access to solve enterprise remote site private network layer two mode access, based on a dedicated circuit. The combination of the QoS services and other technologies leads to the secure access of point-to-point private network access. Providing our clients a first-class Tier-1 carrier point to point dedicated network access. The high performance, scalability and broadband characteristics of the service can meet demand of real- time and security requirements required by key businesses.

Our backbone network between Hong Kong ,China and Global, is built on China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile three major state-owned operators’ resources cross border backbone network above the private layer two network, interconnect with international Tier 1 carriers through independent international layer two network exits. Its zero-congestion.


Independent tunnel transmission, and user data is isolated, transmission security is guaranteed


Network self-healing, high network reliability / availability


The delay and jitter is much lesser as compared to transmission lines which greatly improves the quality of the network.

BGP Access

CN Care has its own AS number AS135356, in which it can realize BGP interconnection with large Global Tier1 carrier such as PCCW Global , HGC , Telstra , PLDT , SingTel ,China Telecom/Mobile… etc. Through the use of the dynamic BGP routing access, it can provide customers with reliable and stable high-quality network quality.


High Availability & Low Cost

The core equipment adopts dual-channel stacking, mutual redundancy, sufficient IP and bandwidth, where it can provide convenient development space for user expansion services, ensure high network availability, and effectively reduce the high costs caused by cross-operator problems.

High Reliability & Stability

All of the backbone nodes uses high-end network products to implement clusters,in which it fully guarantees the reliability and stability of the data center network and solves the problem of unstable quality of the cross-operation network.