Company Introduction

CN Care Cyber Cloud Ltd ( thereafter referred as “ CN Care”) is a leading ICT & Managed Service Provider established in 2014. CN Care offers Global Networking Connectivity, including MPLS VPN service Portfolios, DIA/ IP Transit, Data center services, Cloud Direct Connect, Cloud Management Platform and Managed Services (IT Outsourcing service) with provisioning capability in many cities In Greater China ,Hong Kong and APAC.

The CN Care Group is a Licensed Service Base Operator (SBO) in Hong Kong. The group owned The Peoples’ Republic of China Value Added Telecom’s License in providing ISP, VPN, IDC & Cloud Computing services and A24 in China Mainland. Further on with the company’s innovative nature, the group is granted with the High-Tech Enterprise Certification and SD Wan ready certificate in China Mainland. The group’s range of services also comply with the ISO standard certification of ISO9001 and ISO20000.

CN Care provides innovative, professional and reliable services to help corporations in the Hong Kong, China Mainland and Asia region to enhance their productivity and profitability by taking advantage of top quality IP networking services and solutions.
CN Care serves more than 100 nodes in Mainland China, and 100 nodes in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea , Philippine , Vietnam , Cambodia ,US ,Germany and Worldwide.

CN Care helps deliver customer’s mission-critical applications at Quality-of-Service (QoS) levels, and provides high performance Traffic-management capabilities guaranteed by industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs), allowing reliable content hosting and protection from traffic surges during peak traffic hours and changes in Internet performance.

CN Care Branch Companies

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Licenses & Certifications

The CN Care Group (thereafter referred as “CN Care”) is a leading ICT & Managed Service Provider offering a wide range of services with provisioning capability in many cities In Greater China and APAC. CN Care is a Licensed Service Base Operator (SBO) in Hong Kong and Singapore, ASP License in Malaysia and Section214 FCC license in United States, licensed ISP, VPN, IDC, Cloud Computing , A24 and SD Ready certification in Mainland China having its services complying to ISO9001 and ISO20000.

Furthermore, our associated sister company Shenzhen CN Care Cyber Cloud Ltd ( 深圳华科云动力科技有限公司)is a authorized managed service provider of China Telecom Global and China Mobile International in Greater China and Global.

Our skilled, diverse and experienced team provides a 24/7 bilingual customer and technical support service accompanied by continuous advances in technology to deliver a platform for customers to operate profitably, adapt appropriately and grow sustainably. Their varied experience includes network security, maintenance and troubleshooting. Our team is certified with diverse certifications such as:

Connecting & servicing your business worldwide

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200+ NODES China Mainland & Worldwide

Strategic Partners

CN Care Cyber Cloud Ltd is a player in international carrier business, having interconnection with more than 100 global incumbents and major carriers. Besides, CN Care Carrier Services division interconnects with the Major Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers, within the region as well as globally, for data exchange.