8Square Intelligent Smart Wan

8Square I-Wan

CN Care’S 8Square Intelligent Smart-Wan (Thereafter referred as “ 8Square i-Wan”) is a SD-Wan and Managed SD-Wan Service. In which our SD-WAN network is based on core backbone networks of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Worldwide with network resource pool connecting more than 200 nodes and public cloud providers in the world, whilst providing high stability and high quality network connection services to enterprises that need cross-cloud access or comprehensive networking.

Worldwide Coverage

There are more than 200 nodes worldwide, and among them 100 of which is interconnected with the public clouds provider platform.

Asia Based

One stop global service with English-Chinese bilingual support team

Efficient Interconnection

Global resources security and efficient interconnection of high quality network resources in the network

Multi-point Interconnection

Access to any node and you can connect to global resources in the network.

Our Commitment







8Square i-Wan Applicable Scenario

High Speed Branch Offices Connectivity | SaaS Application Optimization | Fast Cloud Connectivity

Plug & Play

Supports Various Networks

(Broadband, DIA, MPLS & 4G LTE)

7x24 Support

Excellent Service Experience

Top 10 Advantages of
8Square Intelligent Smart-Wan


Improves Performance. Reduce packet loss and latency issues, thereby improving productivity.

Boosts security. SD-WAN provide a wide range of integrated security features.

A secure hybrid WAN architecture allowing dynamic traffic specified by app policy, availability etc.

Lowers complexity. SD-WAN ease the IT burden by simplifying WAN infrastructure.

Enables cloud usage. SD-WAN enables direct cloud access at the remote branch and improve cloud application.

Reduces costs. SD- Wan allows organizations to effectively leverage all available network connections to their full capacity without worrying about maintaining idle backup links.

Full visibility into the network.

Provides enterprises with more options for connection type and vendor selection when building their networks.

Zero-touch remote provisioning, allow organizations to provision new networks, adopt cloud services, or accommodate remote workers in real-time.

SD-WAN can have a powerful impact on uptime and application performance, particularly when it is used in conjunction with fiber-optic business internet connectivity.

The Value of SD-WAN to The Ultimate
Corporate Customer

High Speed Branch Offices Connectivity | SaaS Application Optimization | Fast Cloud Connectivity

Accessibility & Performance

  • Branch Availability:
    Better supports diverse transport and faster granular failover than traditional routes
  • Age Performance:
    It helps facilitate heterogeneous hybrid WANs, which can lower latency for public cloud-based apps

SD-WAN Save You Money

  • Can shift current/ future spend away from MPLS towards lower cost services
  • Lowered OPEX compared to traditional routers
  • Lowered CAPEX compared to traditional touters

Better Visibility

  • Improved reporting, application troubleshooting as compare to traditional router

Cost Reduction

Worldwide Clouds can be used

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